By joining Ariel Pole Studio, I agree to provide Ariel Pole Studio with a doctor’s note allowing my pole dance type of workout if I am experiencing any of the above symptoms/disease / problems:

  • Diabetes
  • Chest pains brought on by physical exertion
  • Epilepsy, dizziness, or fainting
  • Bone, Joint, muscular problem, or arthritis
  • Asthma or other respiratory problem
  • Any sustained injuries or illness
  • Nickel allergy
  • Remission from a long-term disease
  • Pregnancy / Post pregnancy in the last 6 months
  • Any other medical condition that may affect physical exercise.

By ticking the box when confirming the order, I will also accept the following rules of Ariel Pole Studio :

  • I accept that my skin may bruise due to the nature of the fitness.
  • I accept to be spotted by the instructor while learning risky moves or accept to try variations of the moves shown if I refuse to be in physical contact with the instructors.
  • I accept to remove my pieces of jewellery such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces that may damage the material and hurt my instructor or myself.
  • I accept to bring my own towel to wipe myself and the pole during and after practice.
  • I will always wait for the instructor to spot me while attempting a new move upside down / with fewer points of contact.
  • If for any reason I can’t attend a class, I will not be refunded for the classes I missed.
  • If I am late to the class, the instructor can refuse to take me in.
  • I understand that warm-up is part of the training, and should not be missed for safety reasons.
  • I accept to cancel my booking for open pole 8 hours before, or Ariel pole Studio will charge 100 kr per hour. Even if I passed this delay, I accept to cancel my spot anyways so that another student on the waiting list can take my spot.
  • I accept that casual classes are for free if i follow the cancellation policy; cancel the casual class 8 hours before otherwise you will be charged full price 120 kr 
  • On rare occasions, such as instructor incapacity of giving a class, Ariel Pole Studio can change the schedules mid-term and inform all participants about a catch-up session.
  • I accept that I can only borrow a yogamat if I bring a towel to cover it for hygiene. 
  • I will respect my instructors, and other students, without discrimination about ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

To buy your courses you need to click on the book button, and select the course you want in the category “POLE COURSES” for pole dance classes, and in the category “SPECIALTY COURSES” for exotic pole, pole choreo, aerial hoop, aerial silks and flexibility courses.

Buying a course does not book your classes ! Once you have done that, you need to book all your classes for the term. (Does not apply to Exotic courses and pole choreo courses

Once your course is bought you need to book all the occasions (classes) you are planning to attend to during the term.

Once your course is bought you can go to the “SINGLE CLASS BOOKING” section and select the class. Then chose all the occasions you want to attend during the term. 

For example, if you have a 1 class per week pole subscription and you are planning to come all Wednesdays, you can select all Wednesdays of the term in the level you are in. This will ensure that your spot is secured for the whole term. 

It is always possible to come back and cancel one specific class if you can’t make it. if you do so 8 8 h before the class, you can use that class later to catch up the following week. If you haven’t cancelled it 8 h before, the class will be considered as used and it won’t be possible to catch up for that class.

It is highly recommended to book your classes directly once you bought your course. That will secure your spot for the whole term, and allow drop-in students to know if there is a spot available when they want to join a class.

If you haven’t booked your spot, someone else may take your spot !

A casual class is a 30 minutes focus class where you can improve your strength, flexibility, dance skills, or anything else related to pole dance. 

It is a good complementary class that will give you the right tools to embrace your pole journey.

You can book your class until the last minute before the class starts.

They are open to all students and all levels, and the instructor will adapt the training to each student. The casual classes are only included in the pole courses (pole level 1-4): 

  • 8 casual classes for the 1 class per week course (= 1 casual class per week)
  • 16 casual classes for the 2 classes per week course (= 2 casual classes per week)

If you don’t have any subscription, it costs 120 SEK.

And finally if you are a member of a pole course, and you need to add an extra casual class, it will only cost you 60 SEK.

How do I book my classes ? 

Every time you want to book a casual class, you need to go to the “SINGLE CLASS BOOKING” section and select casual class, and select the classes you want to attend. The schedule is released in the beginning of the term for all casual classes during the 8 weeks.

You can use the casual classes included in your course whenever you want. If you want to come 1 time the first week, 3 times the following week, it is possible. Just remember that your course includes a certain amount of casual classes. If you want to use more casual classes, you can buy an extra classes for 60 SEK.

If you can’t make it to your class, you need to cancel 8 hours before. If you haven’t cancelled your class but you are not showing up, you will be charged 120 SEK.

Exotic courses and other specialty courses don’t include casual classes

Casual classes are for free in your pole course, that means, if you don’t use them, we can’t offer you anything else !

 It is not allowed to book extra pole classes instead of unused casual classes.

It is possible to swap your weekly class if you cancel your booking on time ! Remember that you need to cancel your class 8h before the class, otherwise it will be considered as used.

If you have cancelled it on time, you can always use that specific class the following week, if there are spots available. 

Otherwise, you can swap it to 2 casual classes instead.

If this is your first pole dance class ever, welcome !

In this class you will try to climb the pole, try beginner tricks and have the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions!

If you like the class and want to start train at a beginner level, you are ready to book level 1 !

For the class you need to : 

  • Bring a towel for drying your skin off the sweat
  • Wear short shorts and a sports bra ( or tank top). Pole trainings require to grip with our own skin. A legging will not allow you to grip and the training will be impossible ! If you don’t have any shorts, you can always wear a bikini, it works too !
  • Bring a bottle of water because pole training can be challenging !

And the most important rule : NO MOISTURIZING CREAM on the day you have your class. Although your skin needs to be hydrated, it is better to do it the day before, because cream will make you slide on the pole and it can be frustrating.

Open pole will allow you to come and train in the studio without an instructor.

We have open pole on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Note that if you have a booking and do not show up at the studio, you will be charged 100 SEK anyway.There are only 5 poles and many students want that spot at open pole. You have to cancel 8 h before in Agendo. Please write us if you have issues with canceling your classes.

This is included in the pole courses and then free of charge (excluding Exotic / Aerial Hoop / Drop-in cards). 

If you do not have a subscription but still want to come to open pole, it is possible as a pole hire, for 100 SEK.

Remember that open pole is not a class and our instructors are not here to teach you anything! It is a great opportunity to train with other members and share their knowledge with each other.