2024 Summer term schedule

Bookings open the 28th of April 2024 at 12.00

How to book?

1. Buy your course first

If you have bought a specialty course (exotic, choreo, silks or hoop) you are all set ! If you are buying a pole course (level 1 to 4) there is one more thing you need to do !

2. Book all your 8 or 16 occasions at once

Once you bought a course, you have a voucher with an amount in that includes the right amount of pole classes and casual classes. We recommend to book the same day every week, so your instructor can follow up your progress.

Go to boka → book your classes → select level → Book your classes

Casual classes are open to all levels. You can also book them all as soon as we open the bookings to make sure you get a spot top your favourite casual class. No worries you can always change your bookings during the term as you go.

A casual class is a 30 minutes class where you can build up your strength, improve your technique and even work on coordination. It’s a great complement for your pole dance practice and will give you the opportunity to try something new every week !