About us

We are two friends who decided to open the first pole dance studio in Malmö, and offer you the best training to add to your lifestyle !

Pole dance is not only a type of dance it is a full body workout. You will be able to do things that you never knew you could do with your body, become stronger and more flexible. 

And the good news is… You don’t need any specific background, there is no need to start becoming stronger before you start pole training. Pole dance is very rewarding at all levels, and you will become stronger without even noticing it !

How does it look like to take a pole class ?

Our studio is small and cosy, and we run small group classes of 7 people maximum, with 5 poles of 3,40 meters high !
Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you start training with us.

Our classes duration is 1 hour. We start with a 15 to 20 minutes warm-up without and on the pole. After that you will learn tricks and transitions that we call combo, adapted to your level. At the end of the class, you will stretch and cool down 5 minutes.

We have 4 groups of students : Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.


Pole dance is suitable for absolutely everyone ! No matter your job, your age, your body type, or your level of fitness. It is actually the best way to start training as it is a combination of strength, flexibility, space and body awareness. And you will get all of that while having a lot of fun ! Pole dance is extremely rewarding.

Don’t worry about the strength, you will become stronger with time and practice.

You don’t need to be flexible, you will become more flexible.

And there is no age or time to start training and having fun with us ! 

So… yes Pole dance is definitely for you !

How to define my level at Ariel Pole Studio ?

Level 1 (Beginner)

In our studio, Level 1 is where you start your pole dancing journey. In this level, we will teach you the basic moves and techniques to help you build strong foundations for the next levels. Every trick you will learn in level 1 will help you achieve a harder trick later. We will go through climbs, easy spins, and build the main skin conditioning required for the next levels. 

When you will feel like you have mastered all tricks in this level and want to move on, please discuss with your instructor whether you are ready or not to move on to the next level. It is very common to repeat each level several times, so don’t rush into the next level too quickly!

Some of the major tricks we unlock: Basic and forearm climbs, Side climbs, Martini, Fireman spin, Attitude spin, Chair spin, Pole Sit, Layout, Hello boys,…

Level 2 (Intermediate 1)

In level 2, you are ready to learn how to invert properly, and you have enough strength and skin conditioning to go more and more upside down. In this level, we will use some level 1 tricks and integrate them into longer combos with the new tricks unlocked in level 2. You will also learn to invert from a climb and invert on a spinning pole.

It is important to discuss with your instructor if you want to move on to the next level. Repeat this level as many times as you need before moving up to the next level. The combos will be different every term, so you will always have new challenges until you are strong enough to go to level 3.

Some of the major tricks we unlock in this level: Gemini, Scorpio, Butterfly, Superman, Star/viva, layback, Inverted crucifix, Cupid…

Level 3 (Intermediate 2)

In this Level, you will learn to make combinations of different intermediate tricks and learn longer combos.

You will also learn new tricks that require more strength, more grip, and more flexibility.

Repeat this level as many times as you need before moving up to the next level. Don’t worry you will learn different combos each time you repeat, so there will always be something to work on and build the strength to move up to Level 4.

The main focus in this level: Shoulder mount technique, Ayesha first steps, Brass monkey, Cupid without hands, Reiko, Some drops…

Level 4 (Advanced)

If you are choosing level 4, you are comfortable with aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, you have your Ayesha, and you have enough strength to hold longer combos, that require grip, strength, balance, and flexibility. You will also do more flips on static pole, drops, and explosive moves.