Our instructors

At Ariel Pole Studio, we prioritise the ongoing personal development of our instructors. Our guidelines are precise, reflecting our commitment to offering you the most effective and safe training experience.

Ariel Pole Studio has developed an instructor training program for pole dancers who would like to start teaching in the studio. Our level 1 and level 2 pole classes are all taught meticulously according to the program.

Are you interested in joining us ?
send us an e-mail to info@arielpolestudio.se and we will review your application.

Pole dancing since 2015

Tess is a pole level 3 instructor and an exotic pole dance instructor.
She is a training addict, a sweet instructor and has been competing at SM (Artistic pole) and Scandinavian scandal (exotic pole) in 2023. 


Pole dancing since 2017

Malin teaches pole level 2+ and low flow courses.
With her dance style inspired by contemporary dance, she  has competed at SM in 2022, and loves sharing her art with our students.


Pole dancing since 2011/ Aerial hoop since 2015 

Anastasiya is our all levels pole dance and aerial hoop instructor. Her expertise come from a degree in physical education and sports, and several certifications from leading Russian schools and courses. 


Aerialist since 2019

Lena teaches all levels Aerial silks and have been our one and only silks expert at Ariel Pole Studio, since she moved from Uppsala in 2023. Her love for teaching shows through her classes !


Pole dancing since 2021

Quinci has been a student at Ariel Pole Studio first. She took our instructor training program and became level 1 and 2 instructor in pole and loves to train exotic but also aerial silks and hoop !


Pole dancing since 2014

Vivien teaches level 1 classes and also takes classes at Ariel Pole Studio. Pole dance gives her a feeling of strength, femininity and fluidity and we can feel it when we see her flowing !


Pole dancing since 2018 / Aerialist since 2022

Selma took our instructor training to become a pole level 1 instructor and a hoop instructor. Her passion for pole, aerials and dance in general makes her a great teacher ! 


Pole dancing since 2021

Lisa has started as a student at our studio and took the intructor training program to become a level 1 and 2 Instructor.
She is known for her strong dedication, and you can always meet her at open pole, working hard on her skills !


Pole dancing since 2020

Mikaela is currently undertaking our instructor training and start teaching at our studio in March 2024.
With a dancer background, Mikaela is also offering Burlesque pole and Bad b*tch energy casual classes at the studio.


About the owners…


Sara has started pole dancing in 2016. She has always been a sports person and has a background in gymnastics. She loves longboarding and discovering new possibilities with her body. 

Her passion for pole dance made her take classes and workshops around the world, and got her knowledge mainly from Brazil.

She is a certified pole dance instructor (Xpert fitness), and has developed her skills through many workshops and masterclasses along the way.


Kavida started pole dancing in 2017 in Australia. She has always been into sports and especially track and field and long distance running. 

She has learnt her basics in Brisbane, and found herself a new passion and way of life. Through pole dance she also discovered the world of aerial sports, and yoga. After moving to Sweden, she met Sara, who helped her become a stronger pole dancer.

Today, she has is Xpert certified, and teaches pole since 2019.

What is the instructor training program?

Over the last 3 years, Ariel Pole Studio has developed a strong program to empower our instructors with the knowledge and the skills to teach in the most efficient and safe way.

 We provide our instructors a meticulous curriculum week by week, ensuring an understanding of each elements of the combos, and how to adapt to every different levels within a class.

Our pole classes level 1 and level 2 are all created carefully and transmitted to our instructors. They receive specific training and learn to teach safely and spot students.

Each of our instructors at these levels follows this program consistently week after week, guaranteeing a well-rounded experience for our students.

We also developed a program in aerial hoop in the same structure as our pole dance program to be able to train more instructors, and strengthen our team.

If you are interested to become a pole instructor at Ariel Pole Studio and receive our instructor training program, you can send us your application (info@arielpolestudio.se), and we will review it !

« Mastering the art is not enough, our teachers know how to pass on their expertise to our students ! »